Online Training

Enjoy professional and practical personal training from the comfort of your home with one of my customised online programs.


Personal Online Training

My tailored online personal training programs are the perfect way to take your fitness journey to new heights! With specially designed schedules and activities, you can get the body transformation results you've always wanted - without compromising convenience. From our first introductory call, I'll be able to assess your current fitness level, your training experience, and your personal preferences to help fine-tune an ideal online training program.

Emma Cresswell Fitness App

My fitness app is the perfect way to achieve your health and wellness goals. With hundreds of exercise choices, nutrition guidance, and delicious meal prep recipes - all delivered right to your fingertips - it's never been easier or faster to reach peak physical shape. Track your progress with the powerful monitoring tools so you can chart a course towards success in no time!


What To Expect From Online Training

Through virtual training, I'll help you find a workout and nutrition plan that fits your lifestyle. With my guidance and expertise, as well as accountability from me throughout the process, you will get all the tools needed to succeed confidently!

When you book my online personal training, you can expect the following:

A personalised approach that ensures your training program reflects your unique body, goals, and abilities.
Stay on track with your fitness goals and achieve maximum results safely! My guidance ensures that you'll perform every exercise with the correct form to prevent injury.
Training that helps you reach new heights without overwhelming or burning out. Set your targets confidently and move toward success with a steady, manageable stride!
Tailored nutrition advice that lets you eat the foods you love while giving your body what it needs to perform.

Why Choose Me

With over two decades of training experience, I am proud to offer carefully thought-out programs tailored specifically for each person. I help my clients achieve their highest targets in the most efficient way possible and create long-lasting results. Unlock your body's power and achieve your fitness goals with my personalised online training program! With carefully tailored plans designed to fit you, reach new heights on a realistic and sustainable journey. Get ready for actual results.

How It Works


Get In Touch

Fill in my online contact form to discuss your online personal training needs.


Choose Your Program

I'll help you select the right program based on your unique goals and ability level.


Get Started

We'll schedule an introductory video call at a time that suits you and help you get started on your fitness journey with confidence.

Have A Question?

My online personal training can be done anywhere with a stable internet connection and takes place over video calls. Though it doesn't involve equipment, you'll receive the same high standards of attention and professionalism to develop the right program.

No! Though I offer tailored nutritional advice to my clients, I'll never recommend a strict, low-calorie diet.

Absolutely not! There is no single unhealthy food, only unhealthy combinations!

No! Strength training isn't about getting big muscles; it’s a fantastic way to help you achieve a more athletic physique. it'll also support longer-term weight maintenance goals!

With limited time, fitting in a fitness program may seem difficult. However, there's no need to worry; with my help, we can create a perfectly tailored exercise plan that fits seamlessly into your schedule!

No! All my programs are tailored specifically, and I'll never ask you to do something that could risk making your injury worse. In many cases, my programs have been able to help people eliminate the pain and reduce the risk of recurring injuries!


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