Personal Trainer in Cardiff for Tailored Fitness and Conditioning

Personal Training

Experience professional, in-person training with access to high-quality gym equipment, and start achieving your fitness goals confidently and efficiently.


Personal Training

With a personalised approach, I will create a program that's 100% designed with YOU in mind. Taking account of your body type, current fitness goals and overall intentions - I'm here for all the support and guidance you need!  

I'll start with a fitness assessment, where we'll determine all the relevant details about your fitness history and goals. This will allow me to create a tailored roadmap for your success, outlining the exercises and dietary modifications necessary to attain your goals and an achievable training schedule designed around your current lifestyle.


What To Expect From Our Personal Training

My personal training programs will help you take your fitness and confidence to a new level, progress through the stages of a tailored training plan, and give you the guidance, knowledge, and accountability you need to succeed.

In-person encouragement and real-time advice to help you maintain the correct form and avoid the risk of injury.
Access to a wide variety of high-quality gym equipment and detailed advice on how to use it to reach your goals.
Tailored nutrition advice that lets you eat the foods you love while giving your body what it needs to perform.
Experience a more active lifestyle from any starting point.

Why Choose Me

With over two decades of training expertise, I'm here to help you achieve even your most ambitious goals. Take your fitness to the next level with a tailored plan designed by me - don't settle for less than remarkable results that you can maintain! Transform yourself and reach those heath and fitness goals. I will help you Unlock your true potential.

How We Work


Get In Touch

Fill in my online contact form to discuss your personal training needs.


Choose Your Program

I'll help you choose a personalised program that's right for you based on your unique goals and ability level.


Get Started

We'll schedule an introductory session at a time that suits you and help you get started on your fitness journey with confidence.

Have A Question?

No! I offer personalised programs to suit everyone regardless of age, gender, or ability. Working with a personal trainer is an excellent option for everyone, no matter where you are on your fitness journey. Whether it's learning the ropes from scratch or elevating your performance to pro-level excellence, having professional guidance can take you further and faster than ever before!

Training frequency depends on your specific fitness goals, how training fits in with your other personal commitments and your budget. When you first get in touch, I'll help you work through a thorough assessment of your goals and abilities and set out a realistic and achievable training program.

No! Though I offer tailored nutritional advice to my clients, I'll never recommend a strict, low-calorie diet.

Absolutely not! There is no single unhealthy food, only unhealthy combinations! 

Strength training is a great way to gain control of your fitness and physique! With this type of exercise, you'll strengthen existing muscles for an increased toned look. Plus, once you've achieved the weight that works best for your body goals - strength training can help maintain it in the long run. Get ready to take charge with power-packed workouts!

No! All my programs are tailored specifically, and I'll never ask you to do something that could risk making your injury worse. In many cases, my programs have been able to help people eliminate the pain and reduce the risk of recurring injuries!


McCale Avenue, Fairwater,
Cardiff, CF5 3HY


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