Sports Massage Cardiff

Whether you are training or have a physically demanding job, a sports massage can be hugely rewarding and this is something we can assist you with here at Emma Cresswell Personal Training. Emma is a Level 4 qualified sports massage therapist with extensive experience and has massaged a number of athletes such as rugby players, footballers and judo players, including national level team members.

Using a range of therapeutic massage techniques, a deep tissue sports massage restores and rejuvenates tired muscles, so ideal for easing away tension and knots, and perfect for sporting injuries or a range of everyday issues.


Promote recovery with a professional sports massage

With a slow and firm technique, Emma can gradually improve your muscle health and quickly aid muscle recovery after periods of heavy training. If your body is tired and aching, or your muscles feel sore after a punishing training regime, you can enjoy the many advantages of a sports massage fully tailored to suit your personal needs.  There are numerous benefits to a satisfying massage and they include:

  • Eases tired muscles
  • Restores movement in muscles
  • Promotes recovery from training
  • Stimulates muscles before training or events
  • Improves muscle health

By manipulating the soft tissue, including the muscles, ligaments and tendons, specific problems can be corrected and this can aid recovery, enhance your physical performance and it can also help to prevent injuries in the future too.


Experience the numerous benefits of a sports massage in Cardiff today

At Emma Cresswell Personal Training, we take a holistic approach to massage and offer a fully mobile service that can be done in the privacy of your home. This treatment is especially suitable if you take part in regular physical exercise and want to enhance your performance or have some type of injury, trauma or soft tissue damage, and want to recover from this.

Before your massage, your therapist will offer a detailed consultation so the treatment can be fully tailored to suit your personal needs and individual preferences.

To find out more about how you can benefit from a massage, please contact Emma for more details on 07966 075536, or get in touch online.