When you get started with Emma Cresswell Personal Training, you will be given the option of having a personalised diet written for you by one of the best Nutritionists in South Wales. Huw Alford is a qualified Nutritionist and owner of Nutri Vitam.

Huws background:

On finishing university I spent four years at the ‘coal face’ of the health and fitness industry as an instructor and personal trainer whilst playing semi-professional rugby. Although my career path changed, I continued to play semi-professional rugby for a further 8 years thus physical health and performance remained a priority for me. In this time lifting weights and fuelling my body with the right foods went from being a necessity to a passion, one which I ensured that I have never been far from since.

Consequently Health and fitness has formed an intrinsic part of my life for two decades. Throughout that time it has become more and more evident that good nutrition is the linchpin in achieving both physical and mental wellbeing. I am passionate about the positive benefits that can be gained from eating nutritious food and believe that everyone can experience notable health and performance improvements by making simple, practical and sustainable changes to their eating habits to enable a healthy diet to become a way of life, whilst still allowing you to enjoy the foods you love from time to time. I now specialise in fat loss, hypertrophy and performance nutrition and pride myself on enabling people to reach their goal via sensible and sustainable nutrition protocols.

I understand that, like myself, ‘real’ people in the real world, don’t have unlimited time to train and prep food so it is vital to be able to get the best out of your efforts in the gym with simple, no-fad nutrition that can be consistently adhered to. I consistently strive to improve my knowledge in the field to ensure my clients receive the best advice possible; Reading journals, papers and attending conferences and seminars to keep up to date with the latest research and theories. If the science is good and benefits worthwhile then I will try to find practical ways to implement the changes in to a sensible everyday diet, always experimenting on myself first; I will never instruct anyone to do something I haven’t personally tried!